Collared Lizard Care

Sexing Collared Lizards

Young collared lizards males and females look very similar. As they mature males become larger that the females and often more colorful. You can also determine gender by looking at the enlarged preanal pores that males have.


Do not house more than one male together because male collared lizards can be very territorial. Collared lizards can grow quite large and need a sizable enclosure to be able to roam comfortable. A tank of at least 30 gallons for a single lizard will be required.

For temperature, 70° F at the cooler end and 90° F at the warmer end with a basking area of between 100° F – 110° F. Rocks in the basking area will allow them to regulate their temperature correctly. Even at night the temperature should not drop below 70° F. Either undertank heating or bulbs can be used. Humidity should be kept low at all times.
For substrate sand like calci-sand or natural play sand is best.
A hide can help the collared lizards control temperature and avoid stress. Rocks for baskings are useful as well but climbing elements are not required.
The enclosure should be cleaned weekly to remove waste.


Young Collared Lizards should be fed daily, as they grow you can move to feeding every other day. The bulk of their food should be in the form of crickets, meal worms, wax worms and other gut loaded insects. A calcium and multi-vitamin product can be used as well as directed by the product. Be sure the insects are sized correctly to avoid harm to your lizard. Remove any insects that go uneaten.
Clean water should be provided at all times.