Crested Gecko Feeding

One of the most common overlooked sections of other crested gecko guides out there on the internet is that a lot of them don’t cover a lot on feeding. The majority of people just think that Gecko will only eat crickets and that’s what they’re going to eat. However, there’s a wide variety of food that the Gecko will actually eat, that’s healthy for them too!

There are numerous ways to feed your gecko and one of them includes something called gut loading. This is kind of like steroids for humans but instead, it’s not illegal and won’t damage the Gecko in any way. There are some things to watch out for when you do this and maintenance required but it’s all relatively easy and it ensures that your Gecko is healthy.

First, there’s something known as the crested gecko diet. There’s a powder known simply as the “Crested Gecko Diet” and other owners have sworn by it. A man named Allen Repashy came up with the formula and it’s just a simple powder that contains all the nutrients and vitamins to ensure your Gecko is getting all the nutrition they need. Not only does it contain all the vitamins that a Gecko could ever need for their diet but it all contains all the fats, proteins and minerals inside as well. It’s kind of an all in one solution. The claim is that under this particular diet, that a Gecko will never require any insects what so ever and that it can live alone off of this diet.

The recommended feeding amount for a Gecko is four to five times per week and whether this diet works or not will really depend. It may work for some and some may not find it as efficient as another diet or method that they’re trying out. So you’ll find out which works best for you whether you’re just trying to raise it, trying to breed them or you just like to watch it every once in a while.

The second and probably most common method of feeding would be through insects. Some people say they feed their geckos insects 3 times per week and some people say they prefer to feed them 5 times a week, but again that boils down to a personal preference thing.

The two most common insects to feed a Gecko are crickets naturally and feeder roaches, but not everyone wants to handle or find roaches, they creep a lot of people out. A general rule of thumb as to whether the insect should be fed to the gecko or not is based on its length. If the insect is longer than the Gecko’s nose to its eyes, then you shouldn’t feed it to the Gecko as it may get stuck or be very difficult to digest. There are other insects or bugs out there such as mealworms and wax worms but these aren’t very common.

Some people say that wax worms have a possibility of injuring Geckos and some people say that they work perfectly and that it’s just a myth. Whatever insect you go with or whatever food you go with, you should note that you could benefit from dusting it with a vitamin powder that’s rich in D3. There are a lot of different products out there for this purpose.

Gut Loading

One of the main things that people will talk about is “gut loading” the insects that they feed their Geckos. What is this and does it really work as some people say it does? Well, essentially, you’re going to mix in powder or vitamins with the crickets/insects and let them consume it. Once they’ve consumed it, in 24 hours you should serve those insects or bugs to the Geckos because then they’ll have maximum nutrition in their bodies. This in fact does work because it increases the nutritional value of the insects being fed to the Geckos.

Think back to when you were a kid. Did your parents ever try to feed you vegetables or vitamins flat out and you refused to eat them? They would pretty much do the same thing to you, when they stirred up vitamins in your food or put nutritional essentials in your food that you didn’t even know was there. Now obviously, it’s going to work different with crickets, but this is basically the same concept. You can use powder based vitamins, leaf, small carrot pieces or other small vitamin rich foods that insects will eat.

Some people will argue that they can feed their Geckos pure fruit or custom blends. While this isn’t exactly in the crested gecko care guidebook, it’s something you can do. You should only attempt to do this if you’re a seasoned owner of Geckos and you can monitor their health on a very frequent basis. If you notice that they stop eating as much or start becoming ill, then it’s advised to switch back to the old diet they were on as soon as possible. The real downfall to this method is that the majority of it is guessing and there’s no real way to tell just how much your gecko can eat or how much it will eat.