Crested Gecko Handling

Handling crested geckos is actually quite easy and not as scary as it might look at first. If you’re brand new to owning an exotic pet or have never seen a gecko before, then you’re probably afraid the little dragon looking creature will bite you or claw you. This isn’t the case and geckos are usually very compliant towards people picking them up. They’re very tolerant but you want to make sure you’re being careful depending on the age of the Gecko.

Crested Geckos are some of the easiest reptiles out there to handle and to play with. When they’re at a very young age, they don’t seem to mind being picked up and they’re not the most sensitive reptiles out there, so they can handle it. Now while that has been said, you should also note that if you have a crested gecko that isn’t even a couple of weeks old, it’s better safe than sorry that you shouldn’t be touching or handling that particular gecko until it has matured a little more. Also, give a gecko that recently just moved into the enclosure some time to adapt before handling them.

Like every other animal, they like to get used to the new surroundings and it’s probably scary to be moved into a new place without any idea as to what’s going on. Don’t play with them all day though; try to play with them just a little bit at a time when you start out. At first, they’re going to be slightly jumpy and I think if a giant hand came your way to pick you up, you’d be a little jumpy too. So go slow at first and allow your gecko to get used to you holding it or picking it up. Perhaps you could just start out with just a few minutes a day and slowly build time onto that time.

Even after the Gecko has gotten used to, it’s still recommended that you not hold or play with the Gecko for more than 30 minutes max because this can stress Geckos out and when they get stressed out, they might stop eating. If you’re having trouble picking your Gecko up or you notice that it’s very jumpy, then there’s a particular method you can try to get him used to you. It’s known simply as the “hand walking” method and has worked for countless owners of jumpy Geckos.

Don’t try to pick them up directly if they’re too jumpy, but instead, put your hand out extended so that it will walk onto it or climb over it. Once it reaches your hand, put your other hand in front of the hand it’s on and so forth. Repeat this process until you feel that it’s less jumpy to touch or to pick up. As they get used to you touching them, they’ll become less jumpy over time.