Crested Gecko Water and Misting

When it comes to breeding, housing or just general crested gecko care in general; keeping your gecko watered and hydrated will obviously be a huge role. Geckos aren’t particular picky and will usually drink from just about any water source you have setup. The most common place to set these up are on the sides of the cage but some owners like to get creative and set them up in other areas well, this will all come down to a personal preference deal.


One of the things that veteran owners recommend is that you mist your crested geckos on a daily basis, whether that is once or twice. At least you should make sure that you’re doing it once every two days. The reason for this being is that it helps keep them cool, it’ll help them shed their skin and it definitely helps if you’re trying to breed them.

What Is Misting?

Misting is exactly what it sounds like it is. You simply mist water into the enclosure or onto the Gecko. All you have to do is simply fill up a spray bottle (any kind of spray bottle will work). Make sure that the bottle is clean and sanitized before filling it up and using it though. The crested gecko should be fine, but this is just one of those safety precautions that it’s recommended for everyone to follow. Fill up a water bottle with a spray nozzle on it and keep the water at ideal room temperature conditions. You don’t want to use freezing water and you don’t want to use scolding hot water, as I’m sure your crested geckos wouldn’t care too much for that much like you wouldn’t.

Then simply “mist” or spray into the enclosure on the geckos until you’ve covered them. You don’t have to be perfect here and get every little spot but you should give it a good one or two squeeze and that should do it. You don’t want them to be dripping wet and weighed down by the water you spray into the enclosure and you want to make sure that it’s only enough water that will evaporate shortly. Not everyone believes in doing this and you aren’t going to do any serious harm if you choose not to do this, it’s just a recommended crested gecko care tip to help make their housing a little more efficient and to help in the breeding process as well.