Gecko Care – health

Gecko Care – health

It is always wise to do as much research about any pet that you are planning to bring into your home. There are some pets that have very specific wants and needs and doing so allows you to prepare well for their arrival.

When you first bring your gecko home you should take a sample of its feces to your local vet to analyze for any presences of parasites. It can take some time for a gecko to show any signs of being infested with parasites so by taking this first step you can eliminate the worry from your mind.

Always practice a strict quarantine procedure when you plan to add any more geckos to the same tank, they should be kept separately for at least three months until you are certain they are healthy.

The most important part of keeping healthy geckos is cleanliness, their tank must be kept as clean as possible. This means removing feces as soon as you can, how your tank is set up will be the deciding factor in how effectively you can do this. Using paper towels as a substrate has great advantages as they can be easily removed once feces has been laid on them allowing you to keep a very clean tank with less hard work.

You should monitor how much your gecko is eating, their toilet habits and general behavior in the tank and towards other geckos if any. It can also be useful to weigh your geckos regularly so you can monitor their weight also. This can be a good indication of how healthy they are. Note that it is common for female geckos to lose some weight during the breeding season as it consumes a lot of energy producing eggs. Make sure that you are giving females sufficient foods during this time, the weight that was lost should be put back on after breeding season is over.