Gecko Care – housing a pet gecko

Gecko Care – housing a pet gecko

The start up costs needed to buy and equip a vivarium are relatively high compared to the cost of your actual gecko. It is always best to buy the best possible quality equipment, as it will last longer and aid you in creating the right environment for your pet gecko. The time and effort spent preparing the geckos home will be rewarded as you can view your pet gecko in a wonderful environment that keeps them happy.

It will depend on your choice of gecko and its size as to what size tank you will need, the most important factor is keeping the temperatures correct with the right amount of heat, light and humidity, as long as their basic needs are met, they do not care about how elaborate the tank furnishings are.

You can comfortably house up to 3 average sized geckos in a tank around the size of 32” x 15” x15”. More geckos will require a larger tank. It is unnecessary to provide a full spectrum lighting kit as geckos normally hide away in the daytime and come out to be active at night times.

You can heat the tank with a 60watt bulb, which will keep the heat at around 88 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime hours then bring it down to around 75 degrees Fahrenheit at night time. You can achieve this by using a thermostat or dimmer switch for the bulb. Always have a thermometer inside the cage so you can monitor the temperature regularly.

Across the bottom of the cage you can use bark to be used as a substrate, as the gecko gets older you can substitute this for specialized reptile sand.

Remember that gecko like to hide away and at most times keep themselves to themselves, you can aid this desire by kiting out the tank with artificial plants and rocks which will give them shelter and places to hide.

It is a good idea to create a hide box with a hole in the side to enter and exit through, filled with vermiculite that is moist, this provides an ideal place for your gecko to shed their skin. Keep the vermiculite moist by giving it a simple spray of water everyday.

Keep a small water bowl inside the cage and replace twice a day with fresh water. It is important not to use a bowl that is too deep, if you only have deep bowls only fill the water up to a shallow level as to avoid the gecko drowning accidentally. Some geckos prefer to drink from water droplets so it is essential to spray water mist into the tank a few times a day, this can also help with the humidity levels inside the tank.

Use naturalistic backgrounds, cork bark, real, plastic and silk plants and driftwood to make their tank more attractive and provide them with much needed cover. You may find that manufactured furnishings are easier to clean than the natural ones, search the pet store for what suites your tank or enclosure.