Leopard Gecko Hibernation

Like just about every reptile or animal on the planet, there’s a hibernation cycle that Leopard Geckos like to follow every single year. It’s a very natural and recurring process every single year. However, it’s not actually a necessity or necessary at all as a matter of fact for Geckos that you own as pets to go through the same hibernation cycle that non-pet Geckos would. While a lot of new owners have asked about this question in various online communities, you can rest at ease that it’s safe to continue operations as normal during the winter months.

A lot of people commonly worry that it’s not going to be safe to put heat on their Leopard Geckos during the winter season, but it’s perfectly safe and it’s fine. Don’t change anything, just keep doing as you’re doing and make sure you’re doing regular upkeep to ensure that they have an acceptable living condition and that they’re healthy. Make sure that your Geckos are active through the winter as well and that they don’t stop eating or drinking. This can usually be caused by stress and when stress becomes too much for a Gecko, they’ll stop doing everything and die from dehydration.

However, if for any reason you’d like to hibernate your Leopard Geckos, then it’s actually a very simple process. Perhaps you plan on breeding the geckos or maybe you’d just like to be lazy through the winter months and you don’t want to do any kind of upkeep, everyone has their own distinct reasons as to why they want their geckos to hibernate.

All you have to do is, find that under the heater tank that you originally installed and turn it off. You want to be careful and make sure that the temperature they’re in is still 70 degrees though because you don’t want them to freeze. Remember, they’re used to very humid and warm climates, so a cold climate would come at quite a shock and may even kill them. Some owners have reported that they never had any problems with keeping their Leopard Geckos in 60 degrees during hibernation but it’s best to be safe and stick with 70.

During the hibernation cycle and period, your Leopard Geckos will obviously be far less active and you won’t see them around as much. You’ll notice that they’re eating much less and that they’re drinking much less as well. When they’re in hibernation mode, they’ll lose less weight despite not eating because what happens is, their metabolism slows down considerably. If you do choose to feed your Leopard Geckos during their hibernation process, the only do so lightly. Sometimes, the Geckos will just flat out refuse to eat for a long period of time and this is fine, just remove and throw out the crickets they do not eat for your own sanity. Unless of course that noise is something you enjoy hearing, but I myself wouldn’t want to listen to it.