Leopard Gecko Shelter

It’s very commonly known that leopard Geckos are very nocturnal creatures and that you will rarely see them out and about during the day time. If you want to find your Gecko during the day, then you could always check in the box or the shelter that you placed in the tank when setting it up. Usually they’ll find the coolest and darkest place during the day and they’ll reside there until the sun goes down.

So what kind of shelter should you get or what kind of shelters can you make for leopard Geckos?

Just about anything will work for a leopard Geckos; they aren’t particularly picky reptiles and will appreciate whatever you give them in terms of shelter. Try to get creative if you don’t want to place a typical wooden structure in there, but the goal here is to make a narrow little safe hiding spot for them to rest in during the day.

Some of the most common shelters have included painted or colored milk jugs, margarine containers, cereal boxes or anything that will conceal the light and allow it to hide during the day. The main thing is to make sure that you cut a hole that’s not too small and is large enough to actually fit the Gecko. They don’t need a lot of room to get in and if you make the hole too big, then more light then you want may get into the shelter and they may not use it.

If you don’t feel like building a shelter yourself and saving a little bit of money, then there are plenty of pre-made shelters at your local pet store, all you have to do is ask where the Gecko or reptile pet shelters are for your aquarium or tank, someone will more than likely be able to help you.

Also, while it should go without saying, you want to make sure that you have a very sturdy surface that isn’t going to collapse down onto your leopard Geckos, essentially crushing them. Also, take into account just how many of them are sharing a shelter together because for just one, you don’t need more than a toilet paper roll center piece but if you have a few or more, then you might want to construct a wooden box or use a cereal box.

The possibilities of what you could use as a suitable shelter are almost endless but use common sense and make sure that not only can it withstand a little warm heat but it doesn’t collapse in on its own weight.