Leopard Gecko Vitamins

While your Leopard Geckos aren’t going to require a lot of nutrients fed directly to them, they do however still require nutrients and there’s actually a very simple way that you go about doing this. Essentially you’re going to do a procedure known as “gut loading”. This is basically when you feed vitamins to prey and then feed it to the creature that you’re trying to feed the vitamins too. It’s basically the same thing parents do when they want their kids to take medicine.

They’ll put medicine or vitamins in mashed up food if that certain medicine/vitamin allows it and they’ll get their kids to take vitamins that way. Otherwise, they would just keep spitting them out or throwing them on the floor. It’s quite an effective method that’s been used for quite some time. Not a lot of people think about vitamins for their gecko or look into this, but you can actually raise a gecko that will live far longer and a far healthier life if you do feed it vitamins.

Perhaps the simplest method of providing your geckos with vitamins is simply leaving them out a dish with a vitamin/calcium powder and allowing them to lick it as they need it. Most geckos will have a sense of when they require these vitamins.


Gut Loading and Dusting

The crickets while gut loading or feeding will obviously need to be held in a different container while they do this, because if you put them all in their with the geckos and try to feed them vitamins, they more than likely won’t make it before they have time to feed and juice up. You should do this several hours ahead of time to ensure that they have time to not only eat the vitamins but they have time to digest it as well.

Don’t try to over feed or force feed your cricket either, after a while you should get a good feel of how many crickets your Leopard Geckos can handle at a time. Try to ensure that they are eating just the right amount all the time or else they’ll just pass the vitamins and you’ll have wasted money on the supplies to do so.

While it’s not required, some people live by feeding their Geckos vitamins and highly recommend it. It’s definitely not something you have to do and not something that everyone can certainly afford to do which is why it’s optional.

The most common and typical method of giving vitamins to Leopard Geckos is as follows:

You’re going to be doing a method that’s known as the shake and bake and something that is sworn by pet owners everywhere to work. While the crowd who cares about feeding their Leopard Geckos vitamins is a very small market, some people still live by doing this for the crowd who does prefer to feed their Geckos vitamins.

First, you should put the vitamins you plan to administer in a little jar or any kind of small container. Then, you’re going to place the crickets inside the container.

Second, you’re basically just going to shake the jar or bottle but you’re not going to shake it as hard as to kill the crickets, you only want the powder/vitamin substance to be on the crickets after you’re done.

RIGHT AFTER you’ve done this, it’s essential to do the feeding then because if you don’t, what’s going to happen is the crickets will end up cleaning themselves and you’ll lose all that powder that you’ve applied to the crickets.

When Leopard Geckos are young, just like a small child, they require a lot of nutrients and calcium to help their bodies grow and to mature into a healthy Gecko. Sure, you can get away with not supplying any vitamins to a Gecko throughout its entire life, but it’s usually recommended to ensure healthy growth and to ensure that your Gecko will live as long as possible.