Leopard Gecko Water

Leopard Geckos do not come from a very wet environment, and as a matter of fact, most of the reptiles in the world reside in very warm and dry areas. However, even creatures that are used to a lot of humidity and heat still require water and some actually require more water than most just because of this reason. For these particular type of Geckos however, the main thing you’ll want to ensure when it comes to keeping them hydrated is that they have water that’s steadily available every two or three weeks.

People have their own preferred dishes for what they like to use for water dishes and you can use just about anything, as long as it’s clean and can hold water. Some people have reported that they’ve used water bottles, empty soda bottles, milk jugs and smaller items for leopard Geckos that aren’t fully developed or are still growing. These small creatures need considerably less water than their full grown counterparts.

Your dishes don’t have to be decorative and they don’t have to be fancy, it just has to be clean and supply them with an ample supply of water, that’s really it. The great thing about homemade and cheap budget dishes are that they’re easily replaceable and usually don’t require a trip to the pet store just to replace them. Besides, the expensive dishes and those fancy metal dishes build bacteria and dirt very quickly and need to be washed more frequently. You don’t need to sanitize a water bottle after its done being used, just throw it away and replace it with a new water bottle.

If you’re worried about the crickets in your tank drowning, then you can always place a rock in the middle of whatever your water supply is so that this doesn’t happen.

Also, make sure to place your water on the coolest side of your cage/aquarium or what’s going to happen is, the water will become warm and it will evaporate leaving your Geckos nothing to drink. It’s also recommended that if your Leopard Geckos are preparing to shed their skin or you believe it’s that time, that you should do what’s called misting them.

This doesn’t mean spray them down with water, but just a gentle mist will do. This water will usually evaporate relatively quickly and isn’t going to weight the Geckos down any, as it’s just a little gentle mist of water on them. This also helps to keep them cool as well.